As an artist I often face the dilemma of whether to frame my paintings, or leave them with painted boarders. Cost definitely comes into play and can effect the decision, especially with larger works. I know a number of artists who frame the works themselves. Maybe this is something to think about for the future! For now Im happy getting all of my framed prints professionally done, and a number of my mid size and smaller paintings. I think if its done correctly, framing can really set the work off and make it sing!




What fantastic times we live in! Making artwork is so much fun and incredibly rewarding. I absolutely love sharing my creations with people, and seeing their reaction to a new work. What better way to showcase a painting or print then with the online Canvy app? It lets you put art in a room so that people can get a sense of the size and feeling of the work. What do you think?




I recently talked with an amazing woman called Rachel Barber who helped me on a recent art course. She paints emotionally charged, vivid works in Northland New Zealand. She predominately works as a commission based artist and is booked up for the next six months creating works for people. Go Rachel!  Thanks to Rachel, I can now demonstrate what my artworks look like in someones space. Watch this space!


If there is one thing that I love about New Zealand Its the amazing sunsets that we get! Because we are an island, we tend to draw in quite a few weather events. This means we get lots of funky clouds…perfect for painting!

Wouldn’t one of these look amazing as a painting? Even better…if it was in your home or office space!   Get in touch right after reading this and lets work something out.


There is something almost spiritually uplifting about travelling. I recently had the pleasure of visiting a friend of mine in Muriwai. Unfortunately they were hit extremely hard by the cyclone and a number of houses were damaged beyond repair. Lets hope the rebuild happens quickly!


My thoughts and prayers are with the farmers of Dargaville after the huge cyclone last week. So much has been destroyed…but not lost forever! Also the people of the Hawkes Bay region and  Aotea . Lets hope the newsreaders are correct calling this a once in 200 year storm!













I must say it has been an amazing roller coaster ride for the last 3 months. Travelling the length of New Zealand while working as a tour guide has reminded me just how beautiful New Zealand is! There is so much art inspiration here. During the day we visit a myriad of incredible places including art galleries, museums and bush walks. Each evening I have been working on some drawings and keeping up to date with my New Zealand tour guiding notes. I cant wait to show you my new work. Watch this space!


Another thing which brings me lots of pleasure, is seeing my creations side by side on display! Here are a few recent images up in my wee gallery at Baylys Beach. Let me know when you are in town as I would love to show you.















I love painting trees and stylizing them to make them pop out! I use lots of oil paint onto hardboard. This particular image stands out in my memory. I was driving home after a days teaching a few years ago and was stopped by some road works. As I was waiting fr the cars to flow again I took a photo of these wonderful trees and decided to paint them. Around 6 months later the trees were then cut down.  Im so pleased I took that photo. Change is the only constant.














To celebrate another fantastic loop around the sun, Ive decided to gather a few artist friends together and have an art show in the gallery. Its only for four days, so its more of a pop up show, but its a show nonetheless! If you are near Baylys Beach anytime from the 27th of December until the 30th of December you should come for a visit. 3 Kelly Street  is the address…10 am until 4pm. See you there!