How not to destroy your artwork 7/ 8

Because a lot of art is so very amazing ( and precious) I thought an 8 part series on how not to destroy your artwork would be appreciated. If you would like all 8 pieces of advice on a PDF all you need to do is click  and subscribe. I will email them out to you…and a free gift too.


Ok here we go…


Seven/  Correct hanging

Unfortunately I have had two paintings damaged  in the past because I did not hang them properly. I used to simply rest the top lip of my work on two or three nails angled into the wall. Luckily no one was hurt, however one of the paintings was damaged. To prevent this from happening I would suggest always using the correct hook and d-ring that corresponds to the size and weight of your work. Also, where possible, always try your best to locate a wall stud. If this isn’t possible you can purchase special hardware that can be used on drywall.