How not to destroy your artwork 6/ 8

Because a lot of art is so very amazing ( and precious) I thought an 8 part series on how not to destroy your artwork would be appreciated. If you would like all 8 pieces of advice on a PDF all you need to do is click  and subscribe. I will email them out to you…and a free gift too.


Ok here we go…


Six/ Storage

 Storing  artwork correctly is your only option. Good ventilation will help limit any mould. Mould loves to destroy your lovely artwork. It is also vital that you wrap your works to protect them from dust or accidental knocks and bumps. I like to use bubble wrap with the bubbles facing away from the work. I will also use a sheet of cardboard or an old blanket to separate framed prints and paintings that are leaning against each other. It also pays to check on your stored artworks periodically just in case there is a cheeky mouse in the area or any pesky mould spores starting to show. Looking after your artworks means they will look after you!