How not to destroy your artwork 4/ 8

Because a lot of art is so very amazing ( and precious) I thought an 8 part series on how not to destroy your artwork would be appreciated. If you would like all 8 pieces of advice on a PDF all you need to do is click  and subscribe. I will email them out to you…and a free gift too.


Ok here we go…


Four /  transporting art correctly

There are just as many wrong ways to transport artwork as there are correct ways. It is best to always do it the right way the first time! When transporting art a short distance from a gallery to your home it is still important to protect your investment. For this job I often use an old blanket (or a large towel). Make sure to wrap the blanket around all four sides of the work and completely cover both the front and back. This method can also be used for framed prints. Try your best to lay the work flat in your car. For longer distances I always cover them with bubble wrap (bubbles facing away from the work). When transporting overseas I use bubble wrap and also custom-made cardboard. You can then add strong tape to make sure none of the cardboard flaps come loose.