How not to destroy your artwork 2/ 8

Because a lot of art is so very amazing ( and precious) I thought an 8 part series on how not to destroy your artwork would be appreciated. If you would like all 8 pieces of advice on a PDF all you need to do is click  and subscribe. I will email them out to you…and a free gift too.


Ok here we go…


two /  hands

Our hands produce an oily substance called sebum which helps protect and hydrate our skin. However, over time, handling prints or paintings will leave an oil residue on your artwork. This oil can then penetrate the surface and destroy the complex fibres underneath. The best way to avoid this is by limiting contact with the surface of your art as much as possible. When moving a painting, always hold from the back or the sides. You can also wear cotton gloves to limit any damage.


A Sean Mc Donnell original painting