How not to destroy your artwork 1/ 8

Because a lot of art is so very amazing ( and precious) I thought an 8 part series on how not to destroy your artwork would be appreciated. If you would like all 8 pieces of advice on a PDF all you need to do is click  and subscribe. I will email them out to you…and a free gift too.


Ok here we go…


one /  sunlight

One of the quickest ways to destroy your lovely artwork is to subject it to direct sunlight.   

A small amount of diffused sunlight is fine, however direct sunlight will dramatically fade and yellow any works on paper, and also potentially crack any oil and acrylic paintings. 

Prevention is the best option. Wherever possible, display your artwork in places that don’t have direct sunlight. If some sunlight cannot be helped, use UV protected glass on your prints, and varnish with UV protectant for your paintings.

A Sean Mc Donnell original painting