The Wallace Awards are on every artists calendar. A huge variety of paintings, prints, photos , moving image and sculptures are on display from some of New Zealand’s premier creators. Make sure you head along to the Pah Homestead in Auckland City near the end of 2021 to view.

Wallace Awards

Wallace Awards in New Zealand.



Oil painting

If you haven’t yet visited the amazing Waikato Art Museum you must! They have a huge selection of pantings, prints, drawing and sculptures. Two of my favourite works in the show are thickly painted tree portraits from the incredibly talented Neil Frazer and Dick Frizzell.

Oil painting

Neil Frazer art

I had the pleasure of seeing some new paintings by the talented artist Rohan Wealleans a few weeks ago at Ivan Anthony in Auckland. He builds up dozens of layers of paint and then carefully carves back into the surface with the skill of a surgeon. These works are playful, colourful and meticulously constructed.

Rohan Wealleans from Sean Mc Donnell blog